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Rawmat HDB®
RAWMAT HDB® is a waterproofing membrane based on a sodium bentonite pre-gel

Its chemical preactivation and stabilization process is exclusive. It helps lay high performance waterproofing membranes and hygroscopic strips of RAWMAT. This is the state of the art for underground waterproofing.

The reliability of traditional dry granular systems based on bentonite is compromised by ordinary salts and other elements normally dissolved in groundwater and percolating water.
Calcium, potassium, ferrous magnesium and sodium are some of the common elements that can compromise the effectiveness of traditional membranes. RAWMAT HDB® membranes are developed to be secure under actual conditions of use and installation. No deionized water available at construction sites.

Long-lasting performance under every condition.

RAWMAT HDB® is a membrane made of a high-density sodium bentonite get layer coupled to different materials according to its usage purpose. The HDB version has a lower layer made of a permeating gauze, which is very absorbing, perfectly adheres to application surfaces and prevents water infiltration, in particular in overlapping areas. Its upper layer is made of high-strength polypropylene fibres that protect the membrane from treading and confining pressure.


RAWMAT HDB: available membranes


Associated products: RAWSEAL WATERSTOP
This product line includes hygroscopic waterstops made of high density sodium bentonite gel.