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Active waterproofing membrane based on pre-hydrated sodium bentonite
This version is coupled to HDPE

RAWMAT HDB® SLABSEAL is an active waterproof membrane based on high-density pre-hydrated bentonite. Its special patented pre-gel technology provides appropriate expansion regardless of the composition of groundwater. The HDB SLABSEAL version needs to be combined with a permeable film (maximum bentonite gel permeation) and HDPE. This provides maximum safety in horizontal structures with large exposed surfaces as well as in rainy and windy climates.

1x5-m roll, 2x30-m roll.


  • This membrane is waterproof on-site.
  • It provides expansion and tightness whatever the composition of the water it comes in contact with.
  • It is ideal for retaining walls and barrier applications.
  • It is a robust material that does not deteriorate during application.
  • It is quick to apply.
  • It protects overlaps from water infiltration.

It is ideal for:

  • Waterproofing concrete slabs and foundations.
  • Waterproofing standard and largescale concrete slabs and beds.
  • Large surfaces in hot and windy climates.


RAWMAT slabseal RAWMAT slabseal

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pdf  Technical Data Sheet

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