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Breathable skim coat pre - mix lime - based for finishing dehumidifying and thermal plasters
Surface finish for the DACOTERM and SANOSAN systems

RASOSAN TRASPIRANTE is a pre-mix based on hydraulic binders, natural mineral aggregates and admixtures that exhibits high breathability and is easy to apply. This product is ideal for finishing the DACOTERM and SANOSAN natural renovation and insulation systems. It ensures a highly attractive finish while enhancing the natural breathability of both plasters.
Quantity used: 2 -3 kg/m2

Packaging: 20-kg bag.


  • It shows plastic consistency.
  • It is quick to apply and it easy to finish so that it is very cost-effective.
  • Its specific formulation gives your final coat vapour-permaility properties.

It is ideal for:

  • Optimum finish for the SANOSAN masonry renewal system.
  • Ideal as a finish coat for the DACOTERM natural thermoinsulating and breathable plaster.
  • Treating walls for salt, damp and rendering in a single application.
  • Pre-existing plasters that are not covered by paint or coatings.
  • Internal and external surfaces.


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