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Breathable, fibre - reinforced mortar for rendering walls and concrete buildings

DACOTERM RINZAFFO F is a ready-mixed fibre-reinforced adhesion promoting mortar. It is based on hydraulic binders, select aggregates and special admixtures. It should be used to produce tough bond coats. It is ideal for any application on every kind of building made of concrete or masonry.

Quantity used: 18 kg/m2 per cm  of thickness (recommended minimum)

Packaging: 25 kg Bag on 1500 kg pallet


  • It is natural and breathable. It lets water vapour out of your surfaces.
  • It develops very good adhesion to surfaces.
  • It levels surfaces and it is a perfect basis for following plaster coats.

It is ideal for:

  • Heat-insulation and refurbishment of concrete walls in combination with DACOTERM EVOLUTION, natural heat-insulation plaster.
  • Applications onto surfaces made of bricks, stones, mixes, tuff and concrete. Do not apply onto chalky surfaces.


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